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Training Events

Hiking meet up group

Once a month get out in nature!  Meet up and hike a 3-7 mile trail with a great community. Need to join the carpool?  Have a suggestion for a trail? Let us know!

Open Mat

Currently on Saturday and Sunday

Take advantage of hours with no organized classes or coaching.  Meet friends, roll, workout, hit the bags, try new things!

Pound For Pound Best


1st annual pound for pound best athlete competition will be taking place this month!  Competition will include live 1 on 1 face offs, group heats, and individual sets.  

Stage 1 Push ups

Stage 2 Pull up

Stage 3 Over head Press

Stage 4 Under hand Row

Stage 5 Dips

Stage 6 Front Squat

Stage 7 Dead lift

Stage 8 Broad Jump

Stage 9 100 m

Stage 10 3 mile 

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